I Am a Writer: The Writing Workshop (30 minute version)

(2001, 30 minutes)

I Am a Writer: The Writing Workshop was a collaboration between the Noyce Foundation and First Pictures. The film provides an overview of the innovative K-6 writing curriculum the Noyce Foundation developed in collaboration with several school districts in the San Francisco bay area. 


Intended as a professional development tool for teachers, principals and other school administrators involved in Noyce's Every Child and Read and Writer Initiative (ECRW), the film provides an overview of the key program elements:

  • Philosophy of program
  • Mini-lessons
  • Student-teacher conferences
  • Peer conferences
  • Closing sessions 



Produced, directed and edited by Stephen Lee

Associate Production and Editing by Stephen Kozlowski

Associate Producer Susan Czark

Camera and lighting by Rico Corona and David Corona

Field sound by Whitney Alves and Gretchen Trapp

Music by Sean Mendelson

Additional Music by Christopher Lee

Music performed by Christopher Lee and Sean Mendelson

Narration by Laura Facchini Jimenez

Produced in association with the Noyce Foundation and Santa Clara University


30 minutes, DVC Pro format acquisition.

© 2001 First Pictures


For more information about the Noyce Foundation please visit the Noyce Foundation website at http://www.noycefdn.org.  More information about the Writing Workshop and the Every Child and Read and Writer Initiative can be found at http://www.noycefdn.org/ecrwresources.php.  


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